Weekend school 
Over a hundred children learn their Islamic values, prayers, Quran, Hadith and the Seera of the Holy Prophet from learned teachers.

Our children have won debates every year in the tri-state area. 

Ages 5 to 20.

Don't let your children miss out on this unique experience.

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For further information and enrolling your children please come to the Masjid on Sunday mornings or contact:

Br Amir Farooqi, 631 435 4849 E-mail:


MDQ Academy
MDQ ACADEMY is fully accredited by The New York State Board Of Education.
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New York State Approved Curriculum. All state mandated subjects are taught. The renowned Saxon Math curriculum is used in all grades. For Reading, the well acclaimed Open Court Phonics Program is used resulting in over 80 percent of our students reading at one grade level higher. Our broad Social Studies Program encompasses Geography, History and Culture. Students go on frequent class trips to various Museums, Libraries, Farms, etc.

Rigorous Academic Program. We strive to be more demanding and challenging than the public schools.

Islamic Curriculum. Islamic education is taught both through formal education as well as through role modeling. Qur’anic studies which include memorization of short surahs and understanding of the Noble Qur’an are taught by a native Arabic Language speaker. Islamic history, issues dealing with the Lawful and the Prohibited (Halaal and Haraam) as well as the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw) are all taught at MDQ Academy.

Integrated Islamic Teachings. Wherever the opportunity exists, the Islamic perspective is always emphasized. For example, our Social Studies Program includes the lives of the Prophets and other important figures.

Physical Education. MDQ Academy has a huge and well-equipped facility with a dedicated children’s playground.

Professional Dedicated Staff. Our teachers are highly qualified in their respective fields, knowledgeable in Islam, caring and dedicated to the success of our students.


School Statistics:

Years in Operation: 9

Number of Students: 235

Average Class size: 16-18

School Hours: 8am-3pm

Grades: Pre-K1, Pre-K2, Kindergarten, Grade 1-8

Tuition: $425.00 per month per student

Transportation: Transportation is available, call for more information.